SLIVER Medic Pack from S.O. Tech

S.O.Tech SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack

S.O.Tech has just introduced the SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack to it’s line of tactical medical gear. Many of their medical products are already standard issue for USSOCOM medics. The super slimline design (3” when folded) is ideal for medics involved in vehicle or aircraft operations where room is limited. It is also well suited for urban operations where a medic must negotiate tight spaces. The pack zips closed and can be carried with convenient backpack straps, carry handles at the top of the panel, or is designed to integrate as an insert for the current issue Mission Medical Pack or Mission Pack System. Designed to be hung on a wall or laid on the ground when unzipped, the Pack is well organized. To help ensure organization, each of the pouches is identified via high visibility labels. The pack is really a system consisting of a stiffened panel with multiple removable pouches, a Davis Emergency Airway Roll, and the SOF-issue Medical Aid Pouch Insert to allow medics to customize their load. A zippered vinyl window on the outside holds packing lists and other documents. Currently available in Coyote Brown and made in the USA.

S.O.Tech SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack Contents

The SLIVER Slimline Medical Backpack is available from S.O.Tech.

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