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Kitanica Jackets

Every once in awhile we like to show something kind of high end. Kitanica’s jackets aren’t military but have features found in many tactical clothing products. In fact, the company name is derived from the word Chitin (prounced Kai•tin), which is the structural component of insect exoskeletons.

Mythbusters fans will recognize the Kitanica brand, not necessarily by name but by sight. Host Adam Savage wore one of the coats that looks like a cross between a motor cycle jacket and a flight jacket out of a sci fi movie. In fact, Adam’s use of the jacket on the show led to the resurgence of the brand which had gone into hiatus while owner Beej Cronin pursued a career in teaching. Interest became so great that Beej started the company back up along with brother Chris and their cousin Len Riccio.

Kitanica Mark I Jacket

Built from 1000D cordura the Mk I is going to last a lifetime. The unique design features eight pockets, PALS webbing and a universal hands free flashlight shoulder mount. There is also a drag strap integrated behind teh wide collar which can be folded up to protect the neck.

Kitanica backs their 100% American made jackets with a lifetime guarantee against material and manufacturing defects as well as a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Kitanica also offers discounts to Military, LE and teachers.

Visit www.kitanica.net for more information.

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