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“Out of Captivity – Surviving 1,967 Days in the Columbian Jungle” a Book Review

Out of Captivity

This is the amazing true story of 3 U S Government Contractor’s experiences, and ultimately their survival as hostages of the FARC – Marc Gonsalves, Tom Howes & Keith Stansell share this rare in depth look at what it was like to be held captive’s of the FARC. (FARC is Recognized as a Columbian Terrorist organization, and a long standing Marxist Rebel Group, the FARC are known to have more than 200 hostages held throughout the jungles of Columbia).

Their journey began when the surveillance aircraft they were flying in crash landed in the mountains of Columbia. Surviving an airplane crash would be considered by most to be an extraordinary feat. However what happened immediately after this crash, followed by their 5 years in captivity, would take years before the details would be revealed.

This book provides those details in depth. From the murder of two other personnel who survived the initial crash, the thousands of miles they would march from camp to camp, surviving military attacks, to meeting dozens of other FARC hostages and prisoners, as well as meeting FARC loyalists. They would see first hand the aftermath of changes in FARC leadership, FARC suicides, and how they survived day to day. Thru lack of food, the bugs and infections they combated, their extremely sparse living conditions, ragged clothing, the bonds they developed amongst each other, their shared experiences are a wealth of knowledge of for us all. Most importantly how they worked everyday to not only stay alive, but outwit the FARC every chance they could. Finally, the most daring and successful rescue attempt ever performed by a military organization, and ultimately their Freedom. 1,967 days in captivity.

If you work in the Intelligence field, are either an active military member or a DOD/Govt. contractor or someone who could find themselves in a SERE/SAR situation; this is one book you need to read!

A William Morrow Book, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publisher
ISBN 978-0-06-1769-52-8

Available from Amazon.

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