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Joint Strike Fighter Helmet Mounted Display System

Developed by Vision Systems International LLC the helmet for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter integrates an astounding amount of capability into the display. In fact, the helmet is so advanced that the F-35 is the first aircraft in 50 years to fly without a Heads Up Display.


F-35 HMDS Specs

– Binocular Wide Field-of-View
– Integrated day/night capability with sensor fusion
– Highly accurate head tracking hardware and software
– Digital image source for helmet vision displayed symbology
– Custom helmet shell, liner and suspension system for lightest weight, optimal C.G. and maximum pilot – comfort.

All of this capability means some interesting flight hours for the pilot of the F-35. The helmet provides augmented reality, to the point that if the pilot looks down toward his feet he will see ground. Wherever the pilot looks he sees battlespace with value added data superimposed over threats, items of interest, and friendlies. Additionally, the helmet facilitates off-axis target cueing which means that a pilot can look at a target outside of the direct engagement window of his missiles and feed the data to his missiles. After weapons release and initial guidance based off of data from the helmet, the missile can fly close enough to the target to utilize it’s own targeting system for terminal guidance.

Naturally, despite the advanced capability of the helmet, it would have nothing to display if it were not for the sensor suite built into the JFS as well as live feeds provided by the US Military’s Tactical Air Command and Control System. The heart of the imagery provided to the pilot is the Electro Optical Distributed Aperture System (DAS), which combines the feeds from six infrared digital cameras located around the aircraft. For such technology to be integrated into Combat Vehicle Crew as well as dismounted troop’s helmets, a sensor architecture will need to be developed across platforms in addition to feeds from ISR systems. This sensor system was one of the cornerstones of the Army’s ambitious Future Combat System.

Watch the video and look for the capabilities discussed above.


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