Tactical Tailor

Tactical Impact Protection System

Fore those looking to upgrade the suspension system on their ACH-style ballistic helmet, the Tactical Impact Protection System (TIPS) from GH Armor Systems may be just the ticket. GH Armor uses a high density EPP impact liner to mitigate shock.


They have combined several components to improve the fit, comfort, and shock mitigation of the ACH.


A microfiber headband cover as well as vents cut into the foam core help with heat mitigation. Additionally, the memory foam crown pad provides comfort.

GH Armor Dual-Fit tension and adjustment system

The patented Dual-Fit tension and adjustment system allows the wearer to adjust the tension of the headband by twisting a dial at the rear of the helmet.

GH Armor TIPS Dual-Fit tension and adjustment system

For more information visit www.helmetshock.com.


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