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Prototype Down East Pack Sneak Peek

Down East has been selling a demonstrator pack for several months now. It does the job of showing off the utility of their 1606 frame but it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that they feel would properly compliment their frame.

Down East Prototype Pack

In order to rectify the situation they recently entered into a collaboration with Eagle Industries to produce a modular pack system based around the 1606 frame. So far two prototypes have been built and Down east hopes to go into production later this year with a model based on lessons learned from the demonstrators.

Down East Prototype Pack Side view

The main bag is about 2000 cubic inches and with all of the compartments extended and filled it maxes out at 5100 cubic inches. It is manufactured from 500D Cordura and features a removable lid, sleeping bag compartment, radio pocket, and numerous compression straps to help manage the load.

Pack Lid

The lid can be separated from the pack and used as an assault pack. It is designed with easily deployable, simple set of shoulder straps and accommodates a water reservoir.

Pack Cover

The pack also includes a rain cover that stores in a small slot at the bottom of the pack. The rain cover is lightweight and stays attached to the pack via a tether. Not only does it protect the pack’s contents from the environment it also provides a smooth exterior so that attached items are less prone to snagging and can be used to adapt the pack to changing operational environments through camouflage patterns applied to the cover.

There are numerous features that we have not disclosed in this article for two reasons. First, they may not find their way into the final design and second, we see no reason to give Down East’s and Eagle’s competition a leg up.

The pack is still in prototype phase and several will be going out for field testing this summer. Based on feedback the pack may enter production as early as this Fall.

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