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TigerSwan Announces Strategic Partnership

TigerSwan, founded by veterans of the Army’s Delta Force has entered into a strategic alliance with Iraqi-owned Babylon Eagles Security Company, the largest operating risk management and security company in Iraq. The alliance in Iraq will be referred as BETS (Babylon Eagles/TigerSwan).

“Babylon Eagles is the preeminent provider of integrated security solutions in Iraq,” said James Reese, CEO of TigerSwan. “We are understandably proud and humbled that Babylon Eagles has selected TigerSwan as its exclusive U.S. security partner to assist companies operating there and the people and the government of Iraq.”

Dr. Mudhar Shawkat, Founder and CEO of Babylon Eagles Security Company, called the selection of TigerSwan “an important and strategic extension of the expansive services we provide to our clients doing business in Iraq.” “Among all the U.S. security firms we considered, TigerSwan and its principals were the most respected, most culturally attuned to the challenges facing our growing client base operating in Iraq,” said Shawkat. The combined strength of TigerSwan and Babylon Eagles will enable a more effective and specialized relationship with customers throughout the region, he said.

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