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TigerSwan Training Expanding Past North Carolina

Friday, December 13th, 2013

This is an announcement from TigerSwan training announces the scheduling of courses outside the North Carolina area.


TigerSwan Range Complex (TRC) is now scheduling courses outside of the North Carolina area, for the 2014 calendar year. TRC instructors routinely travel to ranges throughout the US and provide world class training. Our Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) will travel to your private, public or law enforcement ranges in your area, and conduct our Open Enrollment marksmanship courses.

Should you want to schedule a class in your area please message us on Facebook, call (910) 208-4117 or email us at Traning@TigerSwan.com. For further updates on class schedules be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit our website at

TigerSwan’s Brian Searcy Talks GLOCKs

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

We’ve written about the TigerSwan GLOCK in the past but it’s a treat to read what frontman Brian Searcy had to say about their mod choices in a recent post on M4Carbine.net.


In our training classes at the TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center, we get a lot of questions from course attendees about the TigerSwan Glock and the advantages of the items that we install in the pistols.

Off the shelf, the Glock is an outstanding pistol. It is extremely reliable, safe, easy to use and it is accurate. The modern, hi-capacity pistol holds 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition. 9mm ammunition is comparatively inexpensive to shoot (vs .40 or .45 caliber) and with expanding ammunition the 9mm has great terminal ballistics. At TigerSwan, we use the Glock 17 as our instructor pistol and as student rental pistols for the reasons cited above.

After shooting the pistols extensively, we identified a few changes that would make the pistols more accurate and much more “shootable”. When I talk about shootable, I’m referring to things that make the pistol easier to shoot such as the weight of trigger pull, the ease at which the shooter can pick up the sights, etc. The TigerSwan Gen 3, Glock 17 has the same parts installed as our instructor guns. The professional installation of select components makes an incredible difference in accuracy and shootability.

Here is a list of modifications we do for each TigerSwan Glock and the reasons why.

Wilson Match Barrel: While the off the shelf Glock is relatively accurate, it doesn’t have the accuracy required by our instructors. With the installation of a Wilson match barrel, the pistol goes from shooting 10-ring size groups to X-ring size groups at 25 yards. When I train on tactical marksmanship, I want to use a gun that I know has the ability to consistently place a shot in the x-ring. That way I know if the shot is not where it should be – it’s not the gun; it’s me not executing the fundamentals properly. Another advantage of replacing the factory barrel is it allows shooters to shoot non-jacketed lead bullets through the pistol. The Glock factory barrel has hexagonal rifling and Glock advises against shooting non-jacket lead bullets through it due to the possibility of excessive lead fouling. The Wilson barrels have traditional land and groove rifling and allow you to shoot non-jacketed bullets through the pistol which are usually more cost effective to practice with. Below are some pictures of groups fired with a stock Glock and a TigerSwan Glock. The groups were shot freestyle from the 25 yard line with match ammunition. While the accuracy comparison is not scientific – it is representative of what we typically see. I’m sure if we used a ransom rest both groups would be somewhat smaller, but the accuracy comparison would be similar.



Dawson Adjustable Sights: The stock Glock sights have an extremely low profile and can be difficult to visually pick up when you’re firing rapidly aimed shots. Another disadvantage of the stock sights is they are plastic and are easily damaged the first time you rack the slide of the pistol against your belt or equipment while practicing one handed manipulations with the pistol. The Dawson adjustable sights are made of steel and are extremely durable. You can rack them against your belt or equipment all day long and not damage them. The Dawson sights are much easier to visually pick up when presenting the gun to the target which results in faster shots on target. The advantage of adjustable sights is that it is much easier to get the gun to shoot where you aim and all you need is a small screwdriver to adjust your zero when you change ammunition. I usually have someone comment that you should never put adjustable sights on a combat gun. These days, there are adjustable sights that are just a durable as fixed sights. The adjustable sights give you the benefit of being able to easily adjust the sights with a screw driver instead of having to use a hammer and punch for windage and a file for elevation.

3.5 lb. Trigger Connector: I’ll be frank here- the trigger pull on a Glock is similar to shooting a staple gun. It has a long pull and a slight snap to it as the striker releases. The 3.5 lb. drop-in replacement connector gives an immediate improvement in trigger performance on the Glock pistol. The lighter trigger pull weight and the highly polished, nickel-plated surface make the pull smoother and more consistent. It helps the trigger reset more quickly for faster follow up shots and less temptation to jerk the trigger and compromise accuracy.

Extended Slide Release Lever: The original/stock slide release lever on the Glock is small and flat against the slide. Most people have difficulty releasing the slide, especially when wearing gloves. The small size and the flat design of the stock release make it difficult to get enough leverage to reliably release the slide. The installation of the Glock extended slide release lever solves the problems. The extended slide release lever has a much larger finger pad and a trapezoid-shaped bump that help ensure you release the slide fast, on the first try, after a reload. Saves precious seconds that can be lost making multiple swipes to release the slide and chamber the next round. Its low profile and smooth contours will not affect holster fit or snag on clothing.

Vickers Tactical Extended Glock Magazine Release: The Glock standard magazine release is too short to reliably/consistently hit and the extended Glock release is too long. Both versions have sharp edges. A slightly extended magazine release for the Glock, the Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release is perfect. The black plastic magazine release is molded from the same material as the factory original but is slightly extended and has rounded edges. The Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release was designed to prevent the magazine from accidentally being released if laid on a flat surface. It is an absolute must for anyone using a Crimson Trace Glock laser unit since the stock magazine catch is almost impossible to activate with a CTC laser in place.

The TigerSwan Glock can be ordered from our online Pro-Shop for $760. Other model Glocks can be built on request (i.e. Glock 19, 22, etc.).
Order online at: proshop.tigerswan.com/tigerswan-custom-glock-17or call our Pro-Shop for more information (910) 210-0158

Brian Searcy
TigerSwan, Inc.

Dan Rather Interviews TigerSwan’s James Reese

Monday, April 16th, 2012

It’s nice to see a guy who did the job talk about the caliber of his peers. Jim Reese is a great guy and runs a world-class outfit.


TigerSwan Opens Training Collaboration Center

Monday, December 13th, 2010

TigerSwan has completed phase one of the TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center and it is now open and operational. All further classes in NC will be held at the TS-TCC facility.

TS-TCC currently has available:

– Two 100m x 50m multi-purpose ranges equipped with steel targets and wooden barricades
– Two thirty-five student classrooms with ceiling mounted projectors, dry erase boards and desks
– Armored Storage Magazine that complies with Department of Defense security requirements for weapons and ammunition storage (DoD 5100.76-M) allowing units and students to safely store weapons and ammunition

Starting this week (15 December), they will also have available two 700 square foot live-fire shoot houses with catwalks for instructors.

Finally, Grey Group will also host many of their North Carolina classes at this outstanding facility.

TigerSwan Glock17

Friday, May 14th, 2010

TigerSwan is introducing a Gen 3 Glock 17 built to the same specs as their instructor guns. The Gen 3 model Glock has an aggressive grip to help manage recoil along with the professional installation of select components to make an incredible difference in accuracy and shootability.

The pistol includes:

* Hand Fitted Wilson Match Barrel
* 3.5 lb Glock Trigger Bar Connector
* Dawson Precision Adjustable Rear Sight
* Dawson Precision Black Front Sight
* Vickers Extended Tactical Glock Magazine Release
* Glock Factory Extended Slide Release

The TigerSwan Glock 17 will be available in their Pro Shop 1 June at $760.

Kyle Defoor Joins TigerSwan

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Kyle Defoor has joined the ranks of TigerSwan’s instructor cadre. Kyle brings with him the experience of training more than 5000 students in firearms and tactics, and is the co-host of the popular Sportsman Channel programs “Tactical Arms” and “Tactical Impact”.

Prior to becoming an instructor, Kyle served with Naval Special Warfare Development Group and SEAL Team 8 as a sniper and assaulter, with decorated combat experience in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

“Kyle fits the TigerSwan instructor profile – Special Operations warrior, extensive combat experience, extensive instructor experience, outstanding weapons handling skills, the ability to teach, coach and mentor warfighters, and a passion for the safety and success of our service members”, said TSI COO Brian Searcy.

With Kyle Defoor now on board, TigerSwan becomes one of the few premiere tactical training companies in the world to have instructors with a passion for training from all arenas of Special Operations.

For more information on future civilian training seminars and advanced weapons instruction for law enforcement and members of the military, log on to www.TigerSwan.biz.

TigerSwan Announces Strategic Partnership

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

TigerSwan, founded by veterans of the Army’s Delta Force has entered into a strategic alliance with Iraqi-owned Babylon Eagles Security Company, the largest operating risk management and security company in Iraq. The alliance in Iraq will be referred as BETS (Babylon Eagles/TigerSwan).

“Babylon Eagles is the preeminent provider of integrated security solutions in Iraq,” said James Reese, CEO of TigerSwan. “We are understandably proud and humbled that Babylon Eagles has selected TigerSwan as its exclusive U.S. security partner to assist companies operating there and the people and the government of Iraq.”

Dr. Mudhar Shawkat, Founder and CEO of Babylon Eagles Security Company, called the selection of TigerSwan “an important and strategic extension of the expansive services we provide to our clients doing business in Iraq.” “Among all the U.S. security firms we considered, TigerSwan and its principals were the most respected, most culturally attuned to the challenges facing our growing client base operating in Iraq,” said Shawkat. The combined strength of TigerSwan and Babylon Eagles will enable a more effective and specialized relationship with customers throughout the region, he said.

For more information as well as a comprehensive training catalog and calendar visit www.tigerswan.biz.