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Kyle Defoor Joins TigerSwan

Kyle Defoor has joined the ranks of TigerSwan’s instructor cadre. Kyle brings with him the experience of training more than 5000 students in firearms and tactics, and is the co-host of the popular Sportsman Channel programs “Tactical Arms” and “Tactical Impact”.

Prior to becoming an instructor, Kyle served with Naval Special Warfare Development Group and SEAL Team 8 as a sniper and assaulter, with decorated combat experience in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

“Kyle fits the TigerSwan instructor profile – Special Operations warrior, extensive combat experience, extensive instructor experience, outstanding weapons handling skills, the ability to teach, coach and mentor warfighters, and a passion for the safety and success of our service members”, said TSI COO Brian Searcy.

With Kyle Defoor now on board, TigerSwan becomes one of the few premiere tactical training companies in the world to have instructors with a passion for training from all arenas of Special Operations.

For more information on future civilian training seminars and advanced weapons instruction for law enforcement and members of the military, log on to www.TigerSwan.biz.

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