Silynx Communications, Inc.

Silynx Communications

Soldier Systems Daily is proud to welcome Silynx Communications, Inc. as a new sponsor. Silynx is a world leader in miniature, software defined, tactical hearing protection, communication headsets. Their headsets are used by elements of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Army, USMC as well as international SOF. Silynx specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced and innovative software based noise protection communication headsets. Their name really sums up who and what they are – Silynx combines SI for silent communications and LYNX, a solitary wild cat that is known for its strength, precision, and stealthiness.

C4 Ops

The C4OPS is Silynx’s premier headset featuring 20m immersibility and an excellent man machine interface. The user receives voice prompts from the system in a clear female voice and can monitor up to 3 radios/intercoms simultaneously using the same headset. Additionally, the C4OPS provides hearing protection (ANR & INR) and hearing enhancement. The modular system is designed for ease of repair without putting the entire system down. The heart of the system is the Main Control Box and this allows each user to customize the system to their requirements, whether that means wearing an Eagle headset, Peltor ear muffs, the standard foamies that come with the system or custom molds. When the system is only connected to one radio, the user has dual hearing through both ears but if the user connects to dual comms he receives primary in the left ear and secondary in the right. If the user then connects to an intercom/3rd radio then the user monitors this third connection via both ears. The C4OPS is a PC programmable system which allows the user to customize his system and integrate upgrades as they are produced. Check out the “Build Your Own” web page.

C4 Ops in Use

For us, two things really stand out about Silynx. First, their system is software based so changes can be rapidly made to the system without having to purchase new components and other vendor’s components can be integrated into the system.

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