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SILYNX Introduces Panther Headset For Simple Transition Into In-The-Ear Intra-Aural Headset

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Tactical headset manufacturer simplifies the adoption of lightweight, in-ear tactical headsets to reduce neck fatigue

STERLING, VA (January 22, 2018) – Silynx Communications, Inc. (SILYNX), a leader in tactical in-ear headset systems for military and the market leader for law enforcement, launches its revolutionary Panther headset system.

Panther was developed to provide a simple means for operators to transition to an in-the-ear (intra aural) headset to reduce neck fatigue and improve comfort without having to replace their existing push-to-talk and cable routing system.  Circumaural headsets contribute nearly 1-pound to the operator’s head-worn kit.  Panther headset—weighing only 4 grams–is designed to simply “plug-and-play” into the innumerable push-to-talk systems fielded today.

“Law enforcement and military leadership is aware of how in-the-ear headsets can significantly reduce neck strain on their operators.  But action has been impeded by time consuming and complications with changing out headset systems. “says Silynx President, Matthew Hemenez, “Panther was introduced to provide military and law enforcement operators a quick and seamless means of transitioning to an in-ear (intra-aural) system.”

By effortlessly unplugging their existing circumaural headset from their push-to-talk (PTT) unit and plugging the Panther into that same PTT unit, in literally a matter of seconds the operator can transition from one headset to the other.  No adaptors or other hardware is required. This is also ideal for teams who want to standardize on a single push-to-talk unit while allowing operators personal preference on their headset — some might run intra-aural headsets others circumaural.

The Panther system is on display at the annual SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, January 23-26, Silynx Booth #7310.

Panther is available through Silynx resellers and online at

Silynx and T-Worx Intelligent Rail Enter Technology Partnership

Friday, January 19th, 2018

STERLING, VA (January 20, 2018) – Silynx Communications, Inc. and T-Worx Holdings, LLC have partnered to combine their wireless push-to-talk technology and Intelligent Rail® (also known as the Powered Rail®) technologies, respectively, to facilitate a new level of hands free communications for the military warfighter and the tactical law enforcement officer.

The core Intelligent Rail® (I-Rail®) technology by T-Worx is a sealed, ruggedized Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny Rail that provides a central power source and data connection for all weapon-mounted accessories. With this partnership, the two companies are integrating command and control from the I-Rail® via a rail-mounted control module containing three user-assignable control buttons.

Within the control module is Silynx’s proprietary wireless push-to talk (PTT) technology that seamlessly offers radio keying capability from the rail to the operator-mounted Clarus PTT unit that consolidates transmission of multiple radios without removing hands from the rifle.

Matthew Hemenez, President of Silynx Communications says, “This partnership is indicative of the commitment of both companies to enhance the command and control capability of the warfighter.” He adds, “We have done this without increasing complexity or imparting more battery requirements onto the operator.”

In all, this system allows soldiers a significant tactical advantage by enabling radio communications without removing their hands from their weapons. When not “on-the-gun,” the soldier can still activate his radio from the ambidextrous push-to-talk buttons on the body-worn control box. The I-Rail® provides electrical power directly to the control module and all weapon-mounted accessories, while also providing the “network” on the weapon for passing data and communication between accessories and off the weapon to an EUD or hub.

“This technology partnership brings together two industry leaders to develop a new generation of weapon sensor controls, each previously independent of one another,” says Don McLaughlin, President of T-Worx, “Already proven in Army trials, we expect broad scale adoption in 2018.”

The I-Rail and Clarus systems are both on display at SILYNX BOOTH #7310.

Silynx Communications, Inc Announces CEO Matthew Hein is Stepping Down to Pursue Other Ventures and Names Matthew Hemenez as President

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Silynx Communications, Inc. CEO Matthew Hein will depart his position in order to pursue other opportunities, effective September 15, 2017. “It has been a privilege to lead and work with the hardworking Silynx team that continues to develop industry-leading hearing protection systems. I look forward to hearing about the continued success of the company going forward,” stated Mr. Hein, who joined Silynx in 2013. He will remain in an advisory capacity to assist Matthew Hemenez as newly named President.

Mr. Hemenez is a longstanding industry veteran, with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, most of which has focused on the tactical communications segment. He moves into this role after two years as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with the company. Mr. Hemenez said, “The company is grateful for Matt’s years of service and his contributions. Personally, I am excited to begin serving as the Silynx President and driving profitable growth for the business.”

SILYNX Communications Selected as Communications Protection/Enhancement System for TACOPS Talaria All-In-One Communications Pack

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

STERLING, VIRGINIA – SILYNX Communications (SILYNX), a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of ruggedized, in-ear hearing protection and headset systems, announces the selection of the CLARUS system as the push-to-talk and headset ensemble for the TACOPS® Talaria All-In-One communications pack by TSSi (Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.).

The CLARUS system is the world’s smallest and lightest headset system. The CLARUS simplifies the user’s operation and accessibility to the PTT switches on the miniaturized control unit. CLARUS provides impulse and steady state noise protection, with electronic hear-thru, in both noisy and normal environments. As part of the Talaria system, Clarus provides intercom interoperability, clear communications, sound localization for 360 degree situational awareness, and active hearing protection to conserve hearing in the most dangerous environments.

The TACOPS® Talaria All-in-One Communications Pack – created by TSSi — allows any communicator the ability to establish communications over VHF and UHF bands with hands free push-to-talk and an amplified signal while providing all the needed equipment in a single part number and a custom made C4I bag. The Talaria’s unique design allows for storage of all equipment and coax without having to route through external MOLLE adapters. Each communicator will have the ability to establish worldwide communication at their fingertips while reducing their pack weight by at least 22 pounds.

The Talaria system is available now directly from TSSi at or from Silynx at, or through GSA and TLS contracts.

SILYNX Announces the Releases New Additions to CLARUS PRO Line of In-The-Ear Hearing Protection Systems

Friday, January 13th, 2017

STERLING, Virginia– Silynx Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its CLARUS PRO line of in-ear electronic hearing protection and communications systems at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada.

Whether the shooter is on the firing line or needing to take a phone call, the CLARUS PRO hearing protection products never must be removed. They are designed to solve hearing protection problems that the recreational shooter simply tolerated because there were no other options. Like their predecessor CLARUS PRO, the CLARUS PRO RECHARGE and CLARUS LITE are designed to be worn all day. They are ideal for range masters and trainers who are surrounded by high noise for extended periods.

Shooters invest thousands of dollars in their gun, their optics, their eyewear, their ammo, then they insert two cents worth of foam in their ears. It is time that they start investing in protecting their hearing as well. CLARUS PRO and LITE offer protection with hearing enhancement and comfort made for all day wear.

The CLARUS PRO LITE is a military grade in-ear electronic hearing protection enhancement system unlike any other in the industry. The CLARUS PRO LITE incorporates the same proprietary, high-grade electronics used in all its products while simplifying the feature set to make it ideal for competitive and recreational shooting.

The CLARUS PRO RECHARGE is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery. The CLARUS PRO RECHARGE is a military grade in-ear electronic hearing protection enhancement system that includes an auxiliary port for connecting to a smartphone, field radio, or other audio device. The in-line noise cancelling microphone ensures that your voice is heard even in noisy environments.

The CLARUS PRO LITE is offered at an MSRP of just $159.00, while the CLARUS RECHARGE is offered at an MSRP of only $269.00.

SILYNX Announces New Partnership with OpticsPlanet, Inc

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

ROCKVILLE, Maryland – Silynx Communications, Inc. (Silynx), a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of tactical, in-ear headset systems, announces a new partnership with OpticsPlanet, Inc, a leading online dealer of technical and high-performance gear. This relationship provides OpticsPlanet’s large customer base of knowledgeable and discerning users with access to Silynx’s battle proven tactical communications and hearing protection equipment.

“We are very excited to offer the versatile line-up from Silynx Communications,” said Alex Royzen, Manager of Supply Chain Development for OpticsPlanet. “Their hearing enhancement, protection, and communication devices are a natural fit with the variety of customers we cater to in the shooting, hunting, tactical/military, and outdoor markets.”

All of Silynx products will be available to civilians, military, and law enforcement alike.

SILYNX Announces Entry into Civilian Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Markets with the Launch of CLARUS PRO – Rugged Noise Cancelling Headset

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

ROCKVILLE, Maryland – Silynx Communications, Inc. (Silynx), a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of tactical, in-ear headset systems, announces the release of its line of ruggedized hearing protection headsets for shooting and outdoor enthusiasts. Silynx has been hard at work during the year, leveraging its expertise in tactical in-hear headsets for military and law enforcement to develop the CLARUS PRO, the first in Silynx’s new line of headset systems for the outdoorsperson and recreational shooter.

The CLARUS PRO represents Silynx’s formal entry into the civilian shooting, hunting, and outdoor, and industrial space. Leveraging combat proven Silynx technology and experience, CLARUS PRO provides active hearing protection and hearing enhancement, hear-thru capability for situational awareness, and cell phone / mobile audio connectivity. While Silynx expects recreational shooting to be a key application for this product, the product is applicable to anyone requiring compact audio in any extreme environment.

Soon to be available in the retail market, the CLARUS PRO is also sure to catch the eye of officers looking to upgrade their standard issue microphone handset for a unit that allows constant clear communication. Other industries that require hearing protection and the ability to communicate in loud environments will also take note, as the affordability of the CLARUS PRO makes it an excellent option for security, hospitality, and industrial workers as well.

The CLARUS PRO is offered at an MSRP of only $249.00.

The CLARUS PRO will be on full display at the SHOT Show (Booth #7310) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 19-22, 2016

Warrior East – Silynx Communications

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Silynx Communications offers an adapter for standard commercial iPhone earbuds Into the Clarus.  These earbuds are not only being used for low viz ops but by many in LE who don’t need a full earpro comms headset.


The iPhone headset adapter is available now from