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Silynx and T-Worx Intelligent Rail Enter Technology Partnership

Friday, January 19th, 2018

STERLING, VA (January 20, 2018) – Silynx Communications, Inc. and T-Worx Holdings, LLC have partnered to combine their wireless push-to-talk technology and Intelligent Rail® (also known as the Powered Rail®) technologies, respectively, to facilitate a new level of hands free communications for the military warfighter and the tactical law enforcement officer.

The core Intelligent Rail® (I-Rail®) technology by T-Worx is a sealed, ruggedized Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny Rail that provides a central power source and data connection for all weapon-mounted accessories. With this partnership, the two companies are integrating command and control from the I-Rail® via a rail-mounted control module containing three user-assignable control buttons.

Within the control module is Silynx’s proprietary wireless push-to talk (PTT) technology that seamlessly offers radio keying capability from the rail to the operator-mounted Clarus PTT unit that consolidates transmission of multiple radios without removing hands from the rifle.

Matthew Hemenez, President of Silynx Communications says, “This partnership is indicative of the commitment of both companies to enhance the command and control capability of the warfighter.” He adds, “We have done this without increasing complexity or imparting more battery requirements onto the operator.”

In all, this system allows soldiers a significant tactical advantage by enabling radio communications without removing their hands from their weapons. When not “on-the-gun,” the soldier can still activate his radio from the ambidextrous push-to-talk buttons on the body-worn control box. The I-Rail® provides electrical power directly to the control module and all weapon-mounted accessories, while also providing the “network” on the weapon for passing data and communication between accessories and off the weapon to an EUD or hub.

“This technology partnership brings together two industry leaders to develop a new generation of weapon sensor controls, each previously independent of one another,” says Don McLaughlin, President of T-Worx, “Already proven in Army trials, we expect broad scale adoption in 2018.”

The I-Rail and Clarus systems are both on display at SILYNX BOOTH #7310.

T-Worx Forms Tactical Advisory Group to Optimize Deployment of its I-rail Platform

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Industry Leader Brings Former Snipers, Special Operators Together to Drive Innovation for “Next Gen” Rail System

Ashburn, VA—Today, T-WORX, a global leader in the development of firearms technology, announced the formation of a Tactical Advisory Group (TAG) which will bring together veterans from the Naval Special Warfare, Army Special Operations and Marine Scout/Sniper communities to provide hands-on expertise in the deployment of its Intelligent Rail® (I-Rail®) platform. The I-Rail® is a patented platform technology that powers, connects, and communicates data from rifles and accessories to command centers on and off the battlefield. To view the bios of the members of the TAG click here.

“We are thrilled to bring together such an impressive group of experts from across our military’s special operations and sniper communities to assist us in putting our groundbreaking I-Rail® platform in the hands of military and recreational shooters around the world,” said Don McLaughlin, Vice-President of T-Worx. “The three men who make up our original group bring over 70 years of applied shooting and combat experience—I am confident that their feedback in using the I-Rail® platform will be invaluable as we make final preparations to bring it to the marketplace.”

The discrete data broadcast from the I-Rail® platform feeds analytics on ground troop movement, their actions and events, and enables high-resolution video streamed in real time. Now a NATO standard, the I-Rail® represents the next frontier for rifle platforms in both military and recreational settings.
“The game changing aspects of the I-Rail® platform are compelling, particularly for those who may be deployed at the tactical edge and for enhancing combat development training,” said 25 year Special Operations Combat veteran and former federal agent, Dave Powers. “The platform offers a dynamic package of power, lethality and connectivity to a wide range of data-driven assets that can win the fight—I look forward to shooting it and working with the team to maximize its impact.”

The Intelligent Rail® technology, also known as the Powered Rail®, has been developed over the last 9 years under the US Army SBIR program and with private equity funding. The core technology is a sealed, ruggedized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is inserted in the center of each Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny Rail. The Intelligent Rail® (I-Rail®) PCB is designed to withstand the rigors of combat, rough use, and extreme barrel temperatures, and is submersible to 20 meters. Originally designed to provide a central power source for all weapon-mounted accessories, the I-Rail® also provides the user with accessory command and control from a rail-mounted control module containing 3 user-assignable control buttons. This control module eliminates any tape-switches or cables and allows the user to control all weapon-mounted devices with his off-hand. The I-Rail® provides secure device integration through the data and communications capability embedded within the I-Rail® PCB and accessory connection, providing enhanced Situational Awareness (SA) through its secure on-weapon network, bringing real-time imagery and information into the battlefield common operating picture from the individual and squad level.

For more information go to www.tworx.com.