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Black Palm Syndicate

Black Palm Syndicate

Available exclusively from Grey Group, Black Palm Syndicate is apparel for the man who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

One of the first things that will grab you is the detail that goes into every garment. From the quality American Apparel T-shirts and Polos to the graphics and lettering, everything fits in harmony. There is elegance in the design. Even the Black Palm Syndicate “Manifesto” is printed on the inside of every shirt to remind the wearer of what he is now a part of.

“Black Palm embodies the elite within the group; a connectedness defined by a unique desire to see all worthy tasks thru to the end. We celebrate hard work, sacrifice and individual dedication to the ultimate goal. Black Palm symbolizes a willingness to get your hands dirty and a commitment to the “all in” mentality. Acquire the mark of the Black Palm.”

There have been other motivational brands out there but nothing like this. Finally, clothing that signifies who you are. Order your Black Palm Syndicate shirts from Grey Group.


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