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Drifire Two Piece Flight Suit

Drifire has developed a new two piece flight suit in support of a Marine Corps requirement and it has been already been approved by NAVAIR for deployed evaluations. Designed as a flight suit, anyone can take a look at it and realize it will have a great deal of applicability for use as a ground combat uniform or for Law Enforcement Tactical Teams who require FR protection.

Drifire Two Piece Flight Suit

The jacket incorporates the most useful features of the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU) but is streamlined and omits the more frivolous items such as ports for the micro climate cooling system. The trousers also have incorporated features from the A2CU such as zippered pocket access and knife pouch along the inner thigh but this latter feature has been a mainstay of flight suits for over 50 years.

Drifire Flight Suit Leg Detail

While the design is excellent what makes this garment really stand out if the fabric. It has inherent flame resistance but also includes two other features rarely found in FR undergarments let alone in full clothing. It has inherent moisture management (4X faster than cotton) as well as anti-microbial protection. This means you are going to be much more comfortable in a hot environment.

It is sized XS to 2XL with regulars, longs, and shorts. This is a big leap for the guys that are heard to fit with traditional one-piece flight suits. For example, you can mix a X-Large top with a Medium bottom. It will soon be offered for purchase in both Desert Tan and Coyote Brown but other colors will be available with minimum order. For more information visit www.drifire.com.


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