SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Digital Ears Invisio X50

The Digital Ears X50 is a digital in-ear bone conduction headset system with built-in active hearing protection. It uses bone conduction which captures vibrations caused by speech which travel up the jaw bone to the ear. This helps eliminate ambient noise and produce clearer voice signals. Additionally, the system features electronic hear-thru and impulse noise protection (Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23db) with volume control for enhanced hearing. Finally, the X50 is designed for dual communication with radio autosensing and full-duplex/VOX capability. Consequently, unlike other Invisio products, the X50 is designed to worn in both ears.

X50 Ear Piece

The ear piece features the Soft SpringTM which adapts to the contours of the ear to provide a secure fit and enhance comfort as well as compatibility with helmets, eyewear, and protective masks.

Invsio X50

The interface box seen above features switches for On-Off Open Mic Selector, PTT Button, Volume Up & Down, and Hear-Thru & Mic Volume Selector.

X50 Equipped MFF Parachutist

The X50’s fit is secure enough that it has been used regularly for Military Free Fall operations.

The X50 is available from Television Equipment Associates. For more information visit


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