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GSS Opens New facility

Front of GSS During Grand Opening June 6th 2009

Local Hampton Roads based Global Supply Solutions, LLC recently expanded its Virginia Beach facilities and held its Grand Re-Opening June 6th, 2009. Previously located at 2 different locations, GSS consolidated their Pro Shop and warehouse in a new facility located at 1569 Diamond Springs Road, Suite C & D, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.

GSS Pro Shop

The new facility totals 39,800 square feet consisting of offices, an expanded lounge, 5,500 square feet of Pro Shop, briefing room, classroom and a training area suited for an array of training options. The new lounge consists of a sitting room with television, pool table, and a foosball table to keep customers entertained after shopping or to keep the non-shoppers entertained while their loved ones shop for their tactical, outdoor, and fitness equipment needs.

GSS Briefing Room

The briefing room is set up “theatre style” with a 60” television that is wired for HDMI connection to simplify presentations and seats up to 16 personnel. GSS’s other classroom is scaled down to basic classroom needs and can host up to 32 personnel comfortably. The 32 person classroom is set up for presentations via projector and screen.

GSS Training Room

The training room is set up to accommodate an array of training with 2,000 square feet of MMA mats with a selection of training equipment from training batons, Redman Suits, kick and strike pads, Everlast heavy bags, and throw dummies. The training area doubles as a Fitness Anywhere and CrossFit facility. Portable stands (bleachers) are available to host up to 50 personnel throughout the training. Three caving ladder stations are also available for any aspect of climbing technique training or fitness regime.

Extended Pro Shop

GSS’s distribution center now boasts just short of 17,000 square feet of warehouse space which is used to maintain “surge” requirements for short notice requirements, regularly requested items, or to assist local units with their inventory management, logistics, and storage shortfalls. GSS’s distribution center also maintains embroidery and sewing capabilities for uniform name tapes, warfare insignias, and rank insignias which means all uniforms are stocked and all sewing can be done internally.

The consolidation of the GSS GEAR facilities offers new capabilities for their customers with classroom, briefing, and training rooms located less than 2 minutes from Little Creek Amphibious Base and within 15 minutes from Naval Base Norfolk.


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