Source One and ViaGlobal Group Form Alliance

ViaGlobal, LLC, a tailored training and leadership organization supporting the United States military and United States Government, and Source One Distributors, Inc. recently confirmed a teaming arrangement that will allow both companies to provide additional enhanced goods and services to the United States Armed Forces. Source One is well known to our readers for its participation in the Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support program and ViaGlobal most recently was awarded a contract to manage and operate the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center near Amman, Jordan.

The $200 million KASOTC facility is situated in a 1,235-acre quarry and the compound consists of fully equipped grenade ranges, a 100-meter rifle and pistol range, and a 300-meter rifle range. An eight-story structure for climbing, rappelling, and distance shooting serves as a centerpiece of the facility. There is also a full-scale A-300 Airbus fuselage for aircraft training, and a close-quarters battle (CQB) house with a three-story armored facility and adjoining five-story tower that provides room-to-room combat practice using live fire.

“We are very excited to work with ViaGlobal,” said Source One President & CEO, Mark Llano. “From our time spent with them at KASOTC we knew that we were getting a teaming partner that was committed to doing everything possible to support our troops in the field.”

The relationship is a win-win for both companies. Leveraging ViaGlobal’s knowledge base of former military and government leaders, as well as their network of contacts in the industry, Source One will not only gain a competitive edge in the marketplace but also be able to expand its already vast customer base. Alternatively, utilizing Source One’s award winning distribution capabilities and procurement vehicles, ViaGlobal will be able to significantly grow the range of products and services they offer to the warfighter.

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