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Portable Seat and Tactical Storage Cover ADS

The Team Wendy Portable Seat and Tactical Storage Cover is comprised of three components; Tactical Storage Cover with Pouches, a Portable Seat Pad, and Lumbar Cushion. It is modular in design making it easy to install. The Portable Seat Pad has been available for some time and proven quite popular with military and civilians alike. Imagine the same type of padding you enjoy in your helmet pads but in your seat. It works with or without the Lumbar Cushion to accommodate body armor systems. You can see in the photo that it is removable.

Team Wendy Seat Cushion with Removable Lumbar pad

The Tactical Storage Cover folds over to cover both the front and back of the vehicle seat and zippers to the Seat Base. Elastic straps secure the cover around the vehicle seat back and non-slip Grippiumâ„¢ strips help keep the cover in position on the seat frame. While others have produced what are essentially seat covers swathed in PALS webbing, the Team Wendy design is unique. Stout pull handles are attached to the PALS panels which allow them to be “torn away” in an emergency. The PALS panels are attached to the Tactical Storage Cover via a combination of hook and pile tape and snaps in order to keep full panels from sagging during extended operations. In fact, this set up is secure enough to support up to a 50 lbs load in the pouches. What’s more, the tear away panels can be pulled open to reveal small storage cubbies. In addition to large and small utility pouches offered by Team Wendy, any PALS-compatible pouch will fit on the TSC.

Team Wendy Modular Seat Back

The TSC Set includes Tactical Storage Cover with both pouches, Portable Lumbar Pad, and Portable Seat Pad. The entire set is Berry Compliant available in Coyote Brown, Universal Camo, and Black.ADS offers the Portable Seat and Tactical Storage Cover. To order visit www.adsinc.com.

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