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Redington Introduces the Eco Grip Feltless Wading Boot

The Eco Gripâ„¢ is Redington’s first felt-less wading boot designed by Redington and engineered through an exclusive partnership with OTB. OTB developed the lugged and precisely razor-siped Tactical Rubber Technologyâ„¢ to support their military customers and is yet another case of technology developed to support America’s Warfighters finding its way to the civilian market.

Redington Eco Gripâ„¢ Feltless Wading Boot

Rubber-soled wading boots are an evolution in wading gear, since felt soles can be a cesspool for damaging aquatic microorganisms. In addition to helping prevent the Aquatic Hitchhikers (didymo, New Zealand mud snails, zebra mussels, whirling disease and other introduced nuisances) that threaten our waterways, the Eco Grip™ boots have many other notable features. Mesh side panels allow for instant water drainage, and ballistic mesh placed between the outsole and upper prevents small stones and other debris from entering the boot. High-abrasion TPU upper material resists scuffs, far outlasting conventional leather and a DWR finish on the entire boot prevents extreme water absorption, so the boot doesn’t get weighed down as the day progresses.

The Eco Grip Boot features the same foot bed found in OTB’s maritime footwear. In the footbed, the exclusive SFSâ„¢ (SEAL Fit Systemâ„¢) aids in water drainage as well as breathability. OTB’s SEAL footbed has a patented removable shank that allows the user to customize the fit with two different insoles, depending on the application. A thick neoprene insole takes up more room inside the boot for use with a thin sock or when wearing the boot barefoot while wet wading. Replacing the thick insole with the thinner insole gives the wearer additional room inside the boot when using an extra-thick sock or a neoprene bootie.

The Eco Gripâ„¢ boots will be available December 2009 from Redington.


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