Popular Mechanics Takes on Disaster

It seems like everyone is focused on Disaster Preparedness these days. For example, just last week saw the season finale of the Discovery Channel’s “The Colony”. It seems that in the wake of natural disasters and a near economic melt down, folks are interested in taking care of themselves and the October 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics takes it on.

Popular Mechanics Beyond Survival

One of the more interesting articles covers unusual survival kit essentials. Number one on the list? Beer. According to magazine publisher Trey Click, who survived last year’s Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas. “It’s one of the only things you can use for money in the aftermath.”

Here are just a few of the other articles in this issue:

• TIMELINE: An Illustrated History of Self-Reliance
• EARLIER: How to Make Biodiesel out of Kitchen Grease
• OFF-THE-GRID: Alaska’s Hidden Model for Clean Energy
• DIY HOME: How to Build a Raised Garden Bed (With Plans!)
• PLUS: Has Affordable, Efficient Rooftop Wind Power Arrived?

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