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Ecotat Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bags – On Sale

Ecotat Systems Company has been around for over 25 years producing specialized sleeping and shelter systems. In fact, they are so specialized that you probably never heard of them. They have produced shelter and sleep systems for Marine Force Recon, Army Long Range Surveillance and Special Forces units as well as for inclusion in Army and Air Force survival kits. In fact, the multi-purpose sleeping bags carry NSNs for units wishing to purchase them through the standard stock system. Contact Ecotat at the email address below if there are any questions. Until the end of October individual sales are offered a 30% discount from MSRP.

Ecotat Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bags

What makes Ecotat’s products so innovative is that one item fulfills the functions of many. As I discussed earlier, foot mobile units who find themselves regularly in austere environments have adopted the shelter and sleep systems. The multi-purpose sleeping bag pulls duty not only as a mummy style bag but also can be worn as a long “great” coat, short “anorak” coat, poncho-style or unzipped it takes the place of a poncho liner. By utilizing the head hole and stepping into the body of the bag the wearer retains full mobility of his head and his hands are free to operate weapons and night vision devices from defensive positions.

Ecotat Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bag as an Anorak

I have used Ecotat products extensively in the past and I personally recommend them. For someone operating in Afghanistan, the multi-purpose sleeping bag is a great option. It not only provides provisions for sleeping but can also makes insulated clothing items redundant in the load. What’s more, the bag was designed with combat lessons learned in mind. Ecotat president Dick Hailsip is a retired Colonel of Marines and engineered practical features into the design such a zipper that will rapidly open in an emergency and the adjustable hem that accommodates not only static guard duty but also is adjustable for stride when worn during foot mobile operations.

Ecotat Sleeping Bag Adjustable Hem

As a special offer to Soldier Systems Daily readers, Ecotat is conducting an end of fiscal year close out on solid colors of their Cold Weather (0 degree) and Desert (35 degree) bags. This offer is good now through the end of October and they will be be discounted 30% from retail pricing.

Ecotat Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bag in UCP

Both bags are available in regular (82″) and long (86″) lengths and are Berry compliant. They feature Taffeta shells and linings that are water and mildew resistant. The insulation is a silicon coated continuous filament fiber that is laminated directly to the shell to avoid cold spots and does not absorb water. The solid colors include Coyote Brown, Black, and OD. However, they also have light blue and purple for those interested in using the bags for civilian use. The lining comes standard in Black but Ecotat can accommodate custom orders as well. Naturally, Ecotat offers the multi-purpose sleeping bags in Woodland, UCP, and Woodland MARPAT but these colors are currently available at full price.

Ecotat does not normally sell direct so to take advantage of this offer contact them via email for instructions.

35 Deg Bag NSN: 8415-01-416-6216
0 Deg Bag NSN: 8415-01-417-4001


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