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New Lightweight Helmet Option from Gentex

Gentex recently unveiled a new lightweight version of their popular Tactical Ballistic Helmet series. This new TBH III is crafted from a polyethylene product rather than the aramid normally found in the TBH. Inspired by the requirements for the Enhanced Combat Helmet requirements, Gentex decided to offer an alternative helmet. In addition to the new ECH, Gentex also developed a helmet that offers the same ballistic protection as a current ACH, but with a weight savings of over 30% due to the use of PE material.

Gentex TBH-III

Additionally, as you can see from the photo, Gentex is experimenting with new cuts to further balance protection with the ability to utilize active hearing protection and communications headsets. Rather than the popular “Gunfighter” cut (still offered by Gentex) step-style cut, this sample has more of a scoop cut around teh front portion of the ears and retains more coverage in the rear.

The new helmet is so new there is no information available on their website yet. Please contact Gentex.


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