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How Not to Prepare Print Advertising

The tactical consumer has become pretty savvy. The latest issue of SWAT magazine came out last week and literally the same day it hit the news stands, readers were on the forums critiquing the lack of attention to detail exhibited by Woolrich in their ad for the Elite clothing line.

Woolrich Ad

Here are but a sample of the myriad of issues with this particular ad:

Backward rifle scope
Slings are soup sandwich
Armor is so low as to be dangerous

Time will tell how expensive this mistake will be for Woolrich. On one hand some online have related that if Woolrich can’t pay attention to detail on their advertising, how can they produce a decent line of clothing but on the other, the net is abuzz with talk of Woolrich. Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad publicity and this one has gone viral.

This isn’t the first time an ad for a tactical product has come under scrutiny. There is the infamous HK catalog cover featuring a magazine loaded with rounds facing the wrong direction. Another example was early in the US Army’s “Army of One” campaign, a television spot featuring a Special Forces support Soldier atop a mountain showcased an M4 with a backward M68 optic.

HK Catalog Cover

So, a note to tactical advertisers. Find someone you can trust and who knows what they are doing and consult with them throughout the creative process. At the very least it will save you some embarrassment.


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