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ADS is the prime contractor for the US Army’s Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System. Up to now they have been hard at work fulfilling the initial push of deliveries to the Army and have been unable to service individual orders. But they have built up their stock and are now offering sales to you.

They have developed tailored packages to meet any need and at great prices. For example, the Mid-Weight Cold Weather Package would retail for about $680.00 if sold separately but can be had at over $180.00 in savings when purchased as a single unit.

The Mid-Weight Cold Weather Package is going to prove very popular so we want to give you an idea of what is being offered.

ECWCS Gen III Midweight Package

The Package Includes:
GEN III ECWCS Level V Soft Shell Cold Weather Jacket and Trousers as well as the Mid-Weight Shirt and Drawers.

The Level V Soft Shell Cold Weather Jacket and Trousers are made from a wind and water resistant soft shell material and come in UCP. The material has a certain amount of mechanical stretch. They are designed for use in moderate to cold weather conditions as a soft shell combined with other base and insulative layers.

The Level II Mid-Weight Shirt and Drawers are manufactured from Polartec® Power Dry® Grid material in Desert Sand. Intended to provide light insulation in mild climates and serve as a base layer in cold climates, they wick moisture away from the body.

You have to visit ADS Tactical’s website to find the right package for you and they have a lot of options. This offer is reserved solely for individual purchase. These packages cannot be purchased by units. For unit orders please contact ADS.


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