High Gear Applications Coach Certification

Blauer Tactical has some great news for those interested in advanced scenario training, force-on-force drills and role-player programs. They’re launching a brand-new, 2-day WEEKEND instructor certification course. HIGH GEAR Applications Coach is a certification course based on their Ballistic Micro-Fightsâ„¢ & HIGH GEARâ„¢ programs and will be dove-tailed with their popular Instructor Certification. Make sure you check with Blauer for special rates for those attending both courses.

High Gear in Action

The new course combines all elements of multi-discipline fight training and combines them with the training goals and objectives of Blauer’s 3 C’s Methodology: Clear, Control & Counter. This course is about enhancing training methods, improving safety, and taking your experience to the next level.

This course is open for all combatives, defensive tactics self-defense, and martial art enthusiasts and covers carefully-selected drills from Blauer’s force-on-force courses gleaned over the last 30 years of contact scenarios with martial artists, MMA superstars, police, and warfighters.

The course includes specific blocks of instruction covering:
• Personal defense confrontations
• Situational confrontations (using the BTS Fight House)
• MMA isolation drills (Cage)
• Basic contact striking & grappling skills
• Check out HIGH GEAR in action

Inspired by CrossFit’s huge success holding certs on the weekend, Blauer decided to follow suit with this course as well. Such weekend courses don’t conflict with most work schedules and travel is generally less expensive. Additionally, they’ve also dove-tailed it with their most popular course, the S.P.E.A.R. System: Instructor Certification. This way trainers can combine their S.P.E.A.R. course to include an advanced scenario instructor cert. However, it is important to remember that any serious trainer from any systems, styles, or programs can take the course.

HIGH GEAR will be available at a special price for those attending the certification (it’ll be part of a package deal). For those of you who already own HIGH GEAR but want/need the certification for your agency, unit, self-defense or martial arts school, there will also be a special price of just ‘tuition only’.

*HIGH GEAR will be on hand for rental & T&E for those that do not already own the gear.


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