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Well’s Retention Lanyard from 215 Gear

Based on their highly popular Retention Lanyards, the new Well’s Retention Lanyard from 215 Gear provides the user with an increased flexibility not found with other brands.

215 Gear Well's Retention Lanyard

This uniquely designed lanyard allows the end user to vary the overall length of the lanyard using any of the six channels (5 ½ inch length) along the length of the lanyard. At an overall length of 42 1/5 inches, it is perfect for Aircrew and Helo-Sniper Operations. The Well’s Retention Lanyard is designed for sliding onto/girth hitching onto a riggers type belt. The unique nature of this Frog fitting enables the fitting to self close when in contact with an anchor point. This Frog fitting is more compact than a standard carabineer yet provides faster, one handed operation.

The Well’s Retention Lanyard is made with high quality Mil-Spec materials. Coming soon from 215 Gear.


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