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Army Approves G96 Synthetic Gun Oil

The U.S. Army has approved Synthetic Gun Oil from G96, a supplier of gun lubricants and cleaning products.

G96 Synthetic Gun Oil

In passing laboratory as well as live-fire testing, G96 Synthetic Gun Oil passed Military Specification (Mil Spec) PRF-63460E, becoming one of just three products to pass thsee rigid requirements, and the only one produced by a gun care chemical company.

“This is the culmination of a long, three-year review process. While we’re obviously thrilled to meet this Mil Spec, it only highlights our commitment to providing gun owners with the very best lubricants and cleaning supplies available today,” says G96 President and CEO Alan Goldman. “It’s especially satisfying that we are helping to support our dedicated soldiers in a small way.”

According to the acceptance letter from the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, G96 Synthetic Gun Oil “not only recorded excellent performance in both the cold temperature test and the salt-spray test with no Class 1 stoppages in either, but your best two weapons averaged only 4 stoppages in the dust test against the criteria of no more than 5, so we are pleased to qualify your current formulation.”

G96 Synthetic Gun Oil, which is 85 percent biodegradable and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), is available online at

To view results of Mil Spec PRF-63460E, go to

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