Zel Custom Adds .338 Lapua to Upper Lineup

Zel Custom Manufacturing just released their third-generation Tactilite big-bore, bolt-action uppers for AR-style rifles. The new Tactilite “Gen-3” features an upper receiver machined from a solid billet of steel. Zel Custom Manufacturing also announced that the Tactilite is now available for the popular .338 Lapua cartridge, in addition its the existing lines of .50 BMG and .416 Barrett conversion kits.

Zel Custom Tactilite Upper

“Machining the upper receiver from a solid piece of steel offers several important advantages,” said Michael Brendzel, president of Zel Custom Manufacturing. “First, it allows us to create an integrated scope rail that will not lose zero. Second, we are able to precisely align the integrated scope rail with an integrated barrel extension to assure the greatest accuracy. Third, the solid receiver is stronger and more durable than the cast and/or welded uppers offered by competitors. While our approach is more costly in time and materials, we have taken the opportunity to reengineer our processes and have been able to maintain our well-known value pricing.”

Additionally, Brendzel had this to say about the introduction of a new caliber, “The .338 Lapua fills a critical void and we believe that Zel Custom provides an excellent value option in this space.”

For more information visit www.tactilite.com or www.zelcustom.com.


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