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Magpul Introduces the Angled ForeGrip

Magpul has just alerted us to a new product that will be available within the next two weeks. The AFG (Angled ForeGrip) is the first of several new products being introduced between now and SHOT Show.

Magpul AFG

We are beginning to see a number of accessories hitting the market that endeavor to improve the interaction of man and weapon. After what is obviously an in-depth study of how the shooter should hold his weapon Magpul set about developing the AFG. The AFG has gone beyond just adding finger grooves to enhance ergonomics. It is in fact, a whole new way of gripping the rifle.


According to Mapul’s Drake Clark, “The AFG falls into the category of “Theory Based” products. Simply put, these products are designed to enhance weapon performance and user interface beyond what is currently available. Because these products do not simply replace an existing weapon component, there is an understanding with Theory Based Products that simple plug and play doesn’t apply. They require education by way of instructions, training, and familiarization with the product to become proficient, and only then will the benefits be realized. In addition to the AFG, other products in this category are the B.A.D. Lever, MS2, and ASAP.”

In addition to use on the M-16 family of weapons, Magpul recommends the AFG for use on the AK-series as well, as the design does not get in the way of magazine changes.

The AFG comes in Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Foliage Green. Available soon from Magpul.


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