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H&K Wins IAR Competition

According to a report in the Marine Corps Times, the H&K Infantry Automatic Rifle candidate was chosen over submissions by Colt Defense LLC and from FN Herstal. Interestingly, Marines we spoke with who had handled all of the candidates felt that one of the two Colt weapons was the hands down favorite. They cited the lightweight of the H&K model and the relative complexity of the FNH candidate as reasons. While no formal award announcement by MARCORSYSCOM has yet been made, this effectively ends speculation that H&K had in fact won the competition.


The IAR will be used to augment and in some cases replace the SAW in Marine rifle squads. The H&K IAR is currently intended to rely on the 30 round magazine currently used with the M-16/M-4 weapons which may result in shortfalls in the sustained fire role. However, the FNH candidate was submitted with a high capacity magazine which, according to uninterested industry sources is “very reliable”.

With the Army preparing to look at a gas piston system for a possible M4 Carbine replacement and the H&K entry’s lightweight and other features may give H&K a leg upon the competition.


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