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Smith Optics Elite Division Enlists Protect the Force

Or maybe it is the other way around? At any rate, Smith Optics Elite Division is now represented by Protect the Force, LLC for product and business development services. This is a great move for both companies who are up and comers in their respective arenas.

Smith Optics’ took steps last year to move into the tactical market. Scott Robinson, Smith Optics Executive Director, commented, “Our partnership with Protect the Force is an exciting step forward for Smith Elite in our mission to save eyes and save lives. Their expertise will allow us to use our resources to create the next generation of combat eye protection for our forces at home and abroad.”

“The addition of Smith Optics Elite Division to our client ranks fills in a critical protection category for Protect the Force. According to PEO Soldier eye Injuries account for over 10% of combat related injuries and Smith Optics brings best in class capabilities to protect those who serve our country” commented Bobby Feigler, Protect the Force Chief Operating Officer.

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