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Protect the Force, LLC Merges with Mission Ready Services

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Recently Protect the Force, LLC merged with Mission Ready. This is very big news as it creates the right environment for a new business, 10-20 Services to exist. I’ve been briefed on 10-20 Services and I can say that it has the potential to positively impact anyone who owns or uses outdoor and tactical equipment, from the MilSim enthusiast or weekend camper to the hardcore LEO or Servicemember. Even units and agencies will get a lot out of 10-20 Services. Look for more soon.

Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”), and Protect the Force LLC (“PTF”) are pleased to announce the merger of their operations. PTF brings over 100 years of combined experience providing products, services and first-hand expertise to governments, first-responders and tactical markets. The business, mission and client portfolio of Protect the Force is laterally aligned with that of Mission Ready making for a seamless transition with no disruption to PTF’s clients, vendors or strategic partners.

Protect The Force is a strategic consulting firm specializing in providing leading manufacturers with relationship management, product development, acquisition & contracting expertise, and sales & marketing support geared towards successfully selling to the U.S. Federal Government.

With offices in Georgia, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts, Protect the Force has a robust infrastructure comprised of a network of industry professionals, an efficiently-coordinated supply chain, an unparalleled dealer organization, and a leading edge research and development faculty.
Mr. Gary Hess will lead PTF as President, Mr. Clay Williamson will continue to assist PTF as well as head up the operations of 10-20 Services Inc. another wholly owned subsidiary of MRSI and Mr. Francisco Martinez will support all operations as Chief Technology Officer.

This is an important growth step for Mission Ready, a unique opportunity that greatly increases the Company’s portfolio of products and services. In addition to the added value that we will be able to provide to PTF clients, Mission Ready has gained invaluable industry connections as a result of this merger. These relationships will be instrumental in expediting the launch and saturation of the Company’s inspection, cleaning and repair centers throughout the USA operated by 10-20 Services Inc.

The Company’s mission is to save lives and enhance the performance of security personnel and those who protect us, by working to ensure they are equipped with the best possible personal protective equipment.

Mission Ready Services Inc.
(signed “Rod Reum”)
Rod Reum,
CEO & President

Protect The Force Inc.
(signed “Gary Hess”)
Gary Hess

10-20 Services Inc.
(signed “Clay Williamson”)
Clay Williamson

No-Contact – The Stun Gun You Wear

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Recently, my friends at Protect The Force told me that they wanted to show me an extraordinary technology that was initially designed to protect women from sexual assaults but that could be used for a variety of personal protection tasks. I must admit that in my mind’s eye I formed a picture of some sort of chastity belt-like contraption. Fortunately, my imagination run wild was nowhere near the truth of the matter. Instead, I was shown the video below and it brought everything into focus.

I immediately “got it” and began running scenarios in my head where I could apply the technology. I mean who couldn’t see the potential here? It’s phenomenal. No-Contact’s technology was developed by Adam Whiton, a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yolita Nugent, an apparel designer. Named Conducted Energy Clothing, the concept is simple; bad guy grabs you, much to his chagrin he gets shocked, he unhands you, you fight or flight.

Now I can imagine that some of you are skeptical but they’ve been working on this for awhile. No, it won’t shock you. The wearer is insulated from the effects of the charged outer layer. Additionally, the garment features a Teflon coated waterproof layer to protect the wearer in the rain. Concerned about power requirements? Currently, the system is powered by a single 9v battery.

Remember, the system was initially designed to protect women from sexual assault. It had to be simple to use, so you wear it. Unlike firearms or blade weapons, it requires no training. Once armed, the system is passive. In fact, they are working on a variant that will allow security personnel to remotely activate someone’s CEC in the event they are unable to themselves. This would be great for VIPs and others who risk kidnapping or assault. Even in its current configuration the CEC technology is well suited for Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security officers.

Some statistics to consider:

“Close-quarters assault from aggressors using fists and hands account for more than 80% of all total assaults faced by law enforcement officers.”
Federal Bureau of Investigation 2008 Uniform Crime Report

No Weapons were used in 74% of all violent crime incidents on civilian victims, just fists and hands. In addition offenders used a weapon in only 1% of all rapes/sexual assaults. Most often fists and hands are used to overpower and restrain the victim.”
U.S. Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2008

They are still about six months out from full production. For more information visit or

No-Contact, for when “No” really means “No.”

Bill Ervin Joins Protect the Force

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Mr. William “Bill” Ervin has just joined Protect the Force LLC as one of the organization’s Business Development Directors for CBRNE services and equipment within the First Responder market.

Mr Ervin recently retired from the US Army after 34 years of service at the rank of Master Sergeant. During the last 4 years of service Mr. Ervin, was assigned to the US Army Reserve Command, G-3, Homeland Defense Section, in Atlanta, GA, as the Logistic NCOIC. There he was responsible for accountability, purchasing, and contracting of all Homeland Defense, Commercial of the Shelf equipment. He has also served as a Logistical Instructor for the US Army Reserve and is a Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

Mr Ervin brings substantial knowledge of the military logistic system and CBRNE commercial off-the-shelf equipment. “Bill will be a great asset to our team as we expand further into the CBRNE market”, said Gary Hess, Protect the Force’s CEO.

Matthew Griffin Joins Protect The Force

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Protect the Force, LLC recently announced that Mr. Matthew “Griff” Griffin has joined Protect the Force LLC as the organization’s Business Development Director for Tactical and Special Operations services and equipment.

Griff is a former U.S. Army Officer, Ranger and combat veteran. “Griff brings substantial knowledge of the military and federal marketplace, domestically and downrange. He has built a tremendous number of trusted relationships which will help Protect the Force achieve its mission. We are honored to have him join our team”, said Clay Williamson, Protect the Force’s President. I actually met Griff through his wife, Michelle who is now with Arc’teryx LEAF. He is a straight shooter and holds the end-user in very high esteem.

Protect the Force will continue its expansion, and is currently conducting a worldwide search for CBRNE and ballistics specialists, as well as Tactical Business Development Directors. The Tactical and Special Operations team will be participating in the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas and Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City.

Smith Optics Elite Division Enlists Protect the Force

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Or maybe it is the other way around? At any rate, Smith Optics Elite Division is now represented by Protect the Force, LLC for product and business development services. This is a great move for both companies who are up and comers in their respective arenas.

Smith Optics’ took steps last year to move into the tactical market. Scott Robinson, Smith Optics Executive Director, commented, “Our partnership with Protect the Force is an exciting step forward for Smith Elite in our mission to save eyes and save lives. Their expertise will allow us to use our resources to create the next generation of combat eye protection for our forces at home and abroad.”

“The addition of Smith Optics Elite Division to our client ranks fills in a critical protection category for Protect the Force. According to PEO Soldier eye Injuries account for over 10% of combat related injuries and Smith Optics brings best in class capabilities to protect those who serve our country” commented Bobby Feigler, Protect the Force Chief Operating Officer.

For more info visit and

Camouflage Expert Joins Protect the Force, LLC

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Protect the Force, LLC announced recently that Mr. Richard “Rick” Cowan, chemist and Subject Matter Expert in Camouflage and Counter-Surveillance Protection has joined Protect the Force, LLC as the organization’s expert for camouflage and signature management.

“Rick brings an unmatched experience and know-how in the art and science of camouflage. He worked as the Army’s Camouflage Scientist at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center for over 20 years developing the most advanced counter-surveillance protective technologies applied to combat uniforms and equipment” said Francisco J. Martinez, EVP for Product Development and Technology Integration.

According to Mr. Martinez, Protect the Force does not plan on developing proprietary camouflage patterns but rather to lend their expertise to Government and industry on the test and evaluation of patterns.

To learn more about Protect the Force, LLC vsit them on the web at

Francisco J. Martinez Joins Protect the Force, LLC as Partner and Executive Vice-President

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Strategic consulting firm continues its expansion with appointment of Natick Soldier Center executive and addition of leading manufacturers of protective technologies.

Protect the Force, LLC announced today that Francisco J. Martinez, formerly Project Officer for the U.S. Army – Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center; Program Executive Office Soldier; Special Operations Command has joined Protect the Force, LLC as Partner and the company’s EVP for Product Development and Technology Integration.

“Francisco brings over 19 years of experience in the Textile Technology field. He has a proven track record of understanding complex personal protection challenges and rapidly developing solutions that have saved lives and prevented injuries for our nation’s armed forces and Homeland security operators. His level of energy and outside the box thinking will prove critical in Protect the Force’s commitment to providing best in class services to its clients” said Gary Hess, Protect the Force, LLC CEO.

Over the last five years at Natick, Mr. Martinez has worked effectively at developing integrated solutions for military combat clothing & individual equipment systems. He has been a forerunner in optimizing and creating test methodologies which more closely replicate real life combat scenarios in a reproducible and scientific environment.

His established and extensive relationship with industry, academia, medical and science and technology organizations both domestically and internationally creates an extremely unique source for product development and technology integration. Francisco’s Subject Matter Expert opinion in the area of flame and thermal protection is highly sought after and remains mission critical to the Global War on Terror. Mr. Martinez has been the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions throughout his career and most recently represented the U.S. Army at the NATO Combat Clothing and Individual Equipment Protection committee.

Clay Williamson, Protect the Force, LLC President, remarked, “Francisco’s appreciation for what truly is important and necessary to protect our forces, his constant and tireless search for solutions, industry and government network and passion to make a difference will result in success for Protect the Force. Francisco stands out as a technology innovator and pioneer”

Mr. Martinez will establish a third key location for Protect the Force, LLC in Natick Massachusetts.

The company also announced today that American Apparel, Inc., and PBI Performance Products Inc. have joined its growing list of clients. American Apparel is a high quality manufacturer of military apparel and uniforms. The company is one of the largest military “cut and sew” operations in the country and is currently providing fire resistant combat uniforms to both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. PBI Performance Products is a world leader in the advanced materials and fabrics industry. The PBI fiber will not burn in air, does not melt or drip, and will retain its strength and flexibility after exposure to flame. PBI fibers form the backbone of various fabric blends, providing flame-resistance and thermal protection with the highest level of comfort, durability, and protection.

To learn more about Protect the Force, LLC vsit them on the web at

Protect The Force, LLC

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Protect the Force, LLC announced today the formation of their new company as a result of merger of Government Sales Group and Protect the Force. The new company is unique in that it focuses its considerable experiences and relationships on helping manufacturers of personal protective products and equipment streamline and accelerate the processes of development, fielding, contracting, and commercialization of products into the first responder and military segments of the U.S. Government.

The merger doubles the size of the company and adds a number of respected international manufacturer’s to its customer ranks. Clients include: Air Systems, Bright Star, Cocona, Crye Precision, Elkhart Brass, Higher Dimension Materials, Honeywell First Responder Products, Hurst Jaws of Life, Kappler, Lenzing Fibers International, Scott Health & Safety, Tencate Defense and Tactical, and Trident One.

“Our nation’s warriors and first responders deserve the very best life saving and performance enhancing technologies now. Our team knows firsthand what can happen when we fail in this essential mission. We have assembled a group of quality U.S. manufacturers who are committed to this cause”, noted Clay Williamson, Protect the Force President. Mr. Williamson, a recently retired Army Acquisition Corps Officer, started Protect the Force after years of working to better protect soldiers against the devastating effects of burn injury.

The two companies became acquainted after working together for a mutual customer. The company’s CEO, Mr. Gary Hess indicated that the merger was an obvious path to take. “Government Sales Group had significant expertise in the areas of sales and marketing within the Federal first responder markets and was looking to expand into other federal government markets. With this merger we have successfully accomplished this goal and have added significant capabilities and deep relationships in the areas of military research & development, product fielding and program level acquisition”.

Protect the Force is led by an impressive group of executives. In addition to Mr. Hess and Mr. Williamson, the Company announced that Mr. Bobby Feigler will continue in the role of Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Feigler brings significant corporate and early stage company experience to the team.

For more information, visit them on the web at