Something Old, Something New

The response to the article on camouflaged weapons has been extraordinary with readers contacting us via email, phone call, and text message with feedback on expedient methods of breaking up the outline of small arms.

Here are two examples of weapons camouflage. Interestingly, both are of foreign weapons although the first is expedient in nature and the second purpose built. When you look at the time frames of the two photos you may wonder like I do why it has taken so long for something so simple to become standard.

The first image depicts Rhodesian Soldiers in the mid-1970s with painted FN FALs and the second is a picture of the Australian F88A3 rifle based on the AUG. The finish of the F88A3 in a khaki color used in the Australian Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform and is manufactured by Thales at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory. It is an interim solution until the A4 version has completed development.

Rhodesian Soldiers with Painted FALs

Australian F88A3

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