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Camo Form Tape from McNett Corp

This article was published over a year ago but serves as an excellent option of those that want to camouflage their weapon without painting. Camo Form® tape has been included in the Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit for many years and offers a variety of patterns to match any terrain.

Technically it’s Camo Form® Self -Cling Camouflage, but most everyone just refers to it as Camo Form Tape. Whatever you call it, it works. As you can see in the depiction below, the Camo Form® is very effective at visually camouflaging your equipment. What you can’t show in a picture is that it also improves noise discipline by cushioning equipment. It also protects the finish and function of gear.

One roll will take care of most of an individual’s requirements (2″ wide x 144″ (4 yds) long). Camo Form is self-clinging and not affected by moisture. What’s more, it gives smooth items a little grip so that they don’t slide.

McNett Camo Form®

Available in Mossy Oak® New Break Up®, Mossy Oak® New Shadowgrass®, Mossy Oak® Obsession®, Mossy Oak® Brush®, Universal Camouflage, Digital Woodland, Digital Desert, 3-Color Desert, Woodland, Snow & more.

To order visit McNett.


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