Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

New from ITW Military Products


ITW Military Products Magboot

The new Magboot is a “Ghilletex IR Reduction Magazine Cover” but that name still doesn’t talk about all of the benefits it will provide you. In addition to reducing the signature of your metal magazines, the Magboot will also reduce noise, protect the magazine from damage, and give you solid purchase during magazine changes. Available in Black, Foliage, and Tan with Coyote coming soon.

Camo Dipped FastMag

ITW FastMag dipped in camo

ITW Military Products will be offering the Gen 3 FastMag in camouflage patterns directly out of the box. While they will come at a slightly higher premium, they will still be less expensive in time and money than undertaking the process yourself. MultiCam and digital camo patterns will be offered.

Gen 4 FastMag

While no prototypes were available for photographs ITW is on the cusp of releasing a new FastMag variant for 7.62 NATO magazines. The design is almost indistinguishable from the current Gen 3 version.

TAC Link

The ever popular TAC Link is now available in even more colors including Red and Pink. The latter proved extremely popular with my daughters as well as my distinguished colleague Rob.

More information will be forthcoming from ITWmilitaryproducts.com and all of the items listed will be available from Supply Captain.


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