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Armor Integrated Chest Rig

Arclight Systems' Armor Integrated Chest Rig worn in stand alone fashion

The new Armor Integrated Chest Rig from Arclight Systems, a new tactical design house, is designed to be worn alone or integrated directly with CIRAS and the CIACS, the Eagle LE Vest as well as other similar side closing vests without interfering with the release mechanism. The heart of the rig is the modular mission panel which is PALS compatible. Pre-configured panels will be available in the future.

Arclight Systems Armor Integrated Chest Rig

The rig is Berry compliant and available in 500D or 1000D Cordura in a variety of color options. Additionally, it features ITW GhillieTex hardware. The Armor Integrated Chest rig is available from Arclight Systems.


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