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Another Option for the Afghan Camo Competition?

Fox News may have inadvertently revealed a third contender in the Army’s Afghan camo wear test. A mortar crew was photographed wearing the Army Physical Fitness Uniform while hard at work bring pain to the Taliban. Oddly enough, the PFU’s sporty running jacket blends in with the drab Afghanistan terrain as well as the ACU’s current Universal Camouflage Pattern. What’s more, the reflective stripes negate the need for a safety belt so favored by Fobbits and the Sergeant Major Mafia alike. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to wear it to the chow hall after 0900.

The PFU was the favored underdog choice of the Sergeant Major Mafia during the Afghan Camo Trials.

Naturally, this article was tongue in cheek and should not be construed as a real news story. It is presented solely for its humor value, as limited as that may be.


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