New Israeli Camo Garments

Rather than issuing camouflage uniforms the Israeli Defense Force takes an entirely different approach consisting of baggy garments worn over fatigues and field equipment. This new pattern resembling a great coat was observed today.

New Israeli Camo Garment
(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

This is not to say that these garments haven’t been used operationally in the past, but rather this is the first time I have observed this particular cut in use. Previously, similar garments consisting of baggy over trousers and pullover top have been used some with an integrated hood. Additionally, the Mitznefet helmet cover has seen widespread use by Israeli troops. It is often worn atop the ballistic helmet to break up the outline and is sometimes reversible from a green-based to brown-based camo pattern. Newer helmet cover variants are said to exist that feature a more texturized material to make the cover appear more like foliage. All of the garments including the helmet cover are made from mesh in order to enhance breathability.

Israeli Camo Garment
(REUTERS/Amir Cohen)


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