Crye Precision Granted Combat Shirt Patent

On 29 December, 2009, Crye Precision was granted 7,636,948 patent for their “Combat Shirt and Armor System” and this may prove to be just as important as when Crye unleashed their combat uniform on an unsuspecting market. It’s not often when you see a new concept fundamentally change the way we look at something but that is exactly how it worked out. I don’t think Crye even believed it would take off like it did. Even if you consider that the idea was radical at the time, when you saw it, you “got it”. It just made sense. Thinner, wicking material where you wear armor, built in knee and elbow pads. Everyone wanted one and that was the problem. Demand soon outpaced capacity and just like nature, the market place abhors a vacuum. Soon everyone had their own version of a combat shirt. Eventually, Crye caught up with demand, but the genie was out of the bottle so to speak.

Crye Combat Shirt Patent

The patent is very specific in many areas, almost too much so, and in others like so many patents, it’s virtually obtuse. No idea whether Crye will attempt to defend their intellectual property but at this point with so many versions out there, including the issue Army Combat Shirt and Airman Battle Shirt it would almost be Crye vs everybody. Read it and weep.


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