New Spanish Camo – MultiCam Ripoff?

In January we published an article with the purported front runner for the new Spanish camo pattern. Since that article the US Army selected MultiCam for use in Afghanistan and shortly after the Spanish Army announced that they are going to adopt the two patterns below. A simple glance will bring one word to mind and that is, “MultiCam”. it appears, that unlike the UK and US, they wanted to do it on the cheap. Soldier Systems Daily has verified that the Spanish military did not consult with Crye Precision in development of these patterns. Oddly, the Spanish Army is referring to this new camo as “digitized” due to the squared off edges on some of the shapes but they could hardly be considered true digital patterns when compared to UCP or CADPAT.

Spanish Desert Pattern Spanish Woodland Pattern

Quite a few countries have jumped on the MultiCam band wagon. Some have licensed the technology and unfortunately, some have not. StrikeHold! has a great article on MultiCam derivatives.

Aside from the concern over the origin of the pattern the fit seems to be at issue as well. While this new uniform closely resembles the US ACU, apparently Spanish troops are a bit unhappy about the cut of the trousers, forcing them to go “Marcando Paquetorro”.

-Miguel en Canarias contributed to this report.

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