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Cooling Vest from Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival, manufacturer of survival and dry suits has introduced the ECV-100, a new evaporative cooling vest. Currently under evaluation by US Navy’s NAVAIR for use by maintenance crews, the vest was on display at the NAVEXFOR expo in Virgina Beach held earlier this month. The vest is manufactured from a WL Gore fabric that allows water contained in a continuous tube formed in the fabric to slowly evaporate through the material. It attaches to a standard hydration bladder for a water supply. It really works, as soon as I felt the vest my hand immediately cooled. In a hot dry environment it would feel great. Additionally, it was very lightweight weighing a scant 25 ounces when full.

Mustang Survival Evaporative Cooling Vest

The display sample was a combination of orange and black but the government test article is all black. However, any color(s) can be produced and it can be worn under or over outer clothing so it could very well serve as a safety item or tactical equipment.

Mustang Survival

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