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Corps Strength: A Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant’s Program for Elite Fitness

I would like to introduce my readers to Paul Roarke. He retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Gunnery Sergeant after 28 years. That alone is a pretty good feat but he did it keeping his health and fitness intact. He attributes his success to a system called “Working Fitness” he developed initially to keep himself in shape, and later to help mold Marines in Aviation Ordnance A school. He has been so successful that he now uses this same philosophy to help international students at NAS Pensacola.

PJ is the real deal. Soldier Systems Daily sponsor Bates Footwear actually introduced him to me. He runs in their boots and he has enough miles in them to recommend them for others who want to run in boots.

"Corps Strength" by MGySgt Paul Roarke, USMC (Ret)

A few points about his philosophy that I think will hit home. This isn’t your standard Marine Corps or military physical fitness routine, but rather a comprehensive system that draws the most useful aspects of many different exercise methods together. Meaning, he’s adopted what works. Formally titled the “Enhanced Physical Readiness System (EPRS)”, its main goal is to improve your bodies ability to perform (not just look good), maintain a healthy bodyweight, and stay injury free for life. It is designed primarily for military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement (readers of SSD) and anyone who must rely on their bodies to make a living. the author call these people “working athletes” but recommends the system for any healthy person.

“Corps Strength” is a fun, leisurely read, full of “Sea Stories” that bring the point home. The author is a real salt of the earth guy and has no qualms about telling you how he got it wrong so that you won’t as well. He isn’t about selling you on some crazy fad nor trying to convince you to sign up for some sport that takes a lot of equipment or years of training to get right. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t advocate having a coach. He also provides an extensive appendix providing a framework for various workout routines as well as an exercise guide with photographs.

It has been a pleasure working with a fellow military retiree and small business owner and I encourage you to support him. Corps Strength is available for order. The books are enroute to retailers from the printer and will be trans-shipped to you as soon as they arrive. For anyone that wants some more info on Corps Strength, Master Guns has a website corpsstrength.com.


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