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SPEAR BALCS Low Visibility Body Armor Vest (LVBAV)

SOCOM has just released a solicitation for the Low Visibility Body Armor Vest (LVBAV) sub-component of Body Armor Load Carrying (BALCS) system. This is a pretty quick turn around considering the pre-solicitation was just issued on 15 January.

The solicitation calls for LVBAVs in Ranger Green, Khaki, and MultiCam as well as AOR1 and AOR2. They are not only seeking carriers but it seems they are also asking for quotes on RBAV cut soft armor. Offerers must provide separate carriers for MBAV and RBAV cut armor OR a singular design compatible with both. This is a 100% small business set aside so it becomes more and more interesting with the ceiling is relatively low at $22.8 Mil.

The full solicitation is available here.

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