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US PALM is One Big Tease

US Primary Armament Logistical Manufacturing is the new powerhouse behind bringing the AK 30 magazine to market. Why are they a tease? Because their new website won’t be up until the 2nd of April. As you saw in a recent report, they are delving into soft goods with the AK Attack Rack (AKAR). But apparently they’ve got even more tricks up their sleeve. They have teamed with Gabe Suarez to release the Defender, a new plate carrier with soft armor inserts. Designed to be simple yet functional, it also features three dedicated AK mag pouches on the chest with a MOLLE compatible rear panel and waist strap.

US PALM Defender

A note on the soft armor. Due to NIJ 06 standards, the inserts are ineligible for a rating as they do not have enough square inches of coverage to properly test. However, they are manufactured to stop a IIIa (.44 mag) threat.

If you love AKs then US PALM is for you. Be sure to visit on the 2nd of April for the full scoop.

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