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USMC Inclement Weather Combat Shirt Features TenCate Fabrics

The new Inclement Weather Combat Shirt (IWCS) is a FR shirt designed to be worn in place of the FROG blouse during cold weather. Think of it as replacing the Desert Combat Jacket with increased capability. The Marines will purchase 180,000 IWCS from Short Bark Industries who are well known in the automotive world for their seat covers. Short Bark’s design incorporates several products from the TenCate Defenderâ„¢ M family. Most notably this is the first military adoption of a TenCate Defenderâ„¢ M laminate. The IWCS also includes a new stretch woven technology as well as two variations of knit fabrics. Nick Pence, Military Market Manager for TenCate Defense & Tactical explains: “The flame resistant IWCS was designed to provide increased protection from wind and rain while offering breathable water repellency for cold weather climates”.

I recently spoke with the team at TenCate about the challenge of color matching different printed fabrics on a single garment that the DCJ had to deal with and they told me that they are out in front of this issue and we shouldn’t see any of those types of shading issues.


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