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Face Camo

Popular Science recently had an article on a study completed by Adam Harvey, a designer and technologist with NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program to develop camouflage to defeat face recognition technologies. Causing distortions around the eyes tended to be most effective. However, while the technique does fool detection software, it certainly doesn’t do much for blending in. It is kind of difficult to walk around with dark patches around the eyes and not stick out like a sore thumb garnering other forms of attention.

Face Camo Test Patterns

About this image:
Images with a red square tested positive, a face was found
Images without a red square tested negative, no face was found
Images under the section “TEST PATTERNS” are made according to results of the Haar deconstruction
Images under “RANDOM PATTERNS” are random doodles made without the anti-face detection patterns in mind
Images underneath the “NO PATTERNS” heading are left untouched to show that the face detection works well on simple line drawings
Line drawings are from Figure Drawing for Fashion Design

See the Adam Harvey Project for more info.

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