MultiCam Arc’teryx Combat Jackets – Priced to Move

Grey Group has arranged for a special deal on Berry Compliant Arc’teryx Combat Jackets in MultiCam at $399! They are only able to offer this amazing deal because these are seconds. Unfortunately this also means there is limited availability. For those of you unfamiliar with Arc’teryx seconds, the littlest thing like a stitch line slightly out of place are a dab of excess glue makes a garment a second. This is both inside and out. They are literally putting together the Rolls Royce of clothing and if a garment doesn’t meet very exacting standards it is labeled a second. A second from Arc’teryx is a fully functional garment. I have several seconds and if the tag hadn’t pointed out the exact location I would never have known.

Arc'teryx Combat Jacket in MultiCam

You had better jump on this deal now because at this price they won’t be available for long.

To order visit Grey Group.

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