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The AN/PEQ-16A is Coming

In late 2009, the rail mounted Insight AN/PEQ-16A Mini Integrated Pointer Illuminator Module (MIPIM) began replacing its predecessor, the Insight AN/PEQ-15 Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (APTIAL), mounted on US small arms overseas. Built on a different chassis than the 15 that is a little larger and squarer in shape, its salient feature is the introduction of an integral 100 Lumen white light to augment the visible and infrared laser designator and illuminator. While most troops currently carry a separate rail mounted flashlight to provide illumination when searching caves or houses, the integration of the flashlight into this design combines several one of the most highly used tools in the War On Terror into a single package.

Photo Comparison of AN/PEQ-16A  and AN/PEQ- 15 Photo courtesy of Chen Lee

-Mike Perry


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