Canadians Testing Camo Boots

Temperate Combat Boot in CADPAT TW

Over the past several years we have seen numerous images of boots printed in CADPAT TW but now they are finally undergoing a test to determine the best color scheme for Canadian military footwear. Presently, DND has pitted CADPAT TW against the solid DND Maxi-Brown in a large-scale user wear trial to verify whether or not the latest version of the Temperate Combat Boot passes user acceptance for comfort and durability. A visual detection test will be conducted later this year to determine which version (CADPAT or Maxi-Brown) performs better in term of increasing soldier survivability through reducing their visual signature. Once the results of the user wear trial and visual detection test are compiled, the final version will be put to contract sometime in the 2011-2013 time frame.

Don't let the USAF see this!

Temperate Combat Boot in Maxi-Brown

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