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NEMO Sleeping Pad and Pillow

It turns out that NEMO is about more than just cool shelters with AirSupported Technology. They are all about the entire sleeping experience. In fact, their Fillo pillow and Cosmo sleeping pad are simply awesome.

The Fillo stuffs smaller than a 1 liter water bottle yet relies on a combination of a 3″ thick inflatable cell with engineered baffles and 1″ of memory foam to provide adjustable height and comfort. What’s more, the Fillo features an elastic cord laced along the back to attach an extra piece of clothing for additional height. The cover is made of a velvety-soft (literally) washable microfiber fabric with an integrated stuff sack. It’s light enough to at least take to the ISB at about 5 oz without the memory foam and just over 10 oz with it inserted.

The Cosmo is a horizontally baffled sleeping pad that is 3″ thick when inflated and 76″ long x 25″ wide. Take a look at the photo and notice that Gray bit at the bottom of the pad? That is a built-in foot pump to make setting up that much easier. The Cosmo can be combined with a Pillowtop to create the combo. The Pillowtop is a memory foam cover with a comfy microfiber outer that makes the whole she-bang 4″ thick!

NEMO Equipment - Pillow and Pad

On both products the microfiber covers feel like chamois and come in earth tones as you can see in the photo. I was able to give them a whirl at OR Winter market and I can say that they are certainly comfy. It’s like laying on a bed. You can see all of NEMO Equipment’s products online or visit the ADS Warrior Expo next week to see them in person.


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